Crismar Trimmings was founded in 2006 by a small group of highly skilled and devoted enthusiasts of passementerie. Our expertise in the fascinating world of trimmings dates back to over 60 years of heritage and experience acquired from a world-renowned company of weavers in Valencia, Spain, where we developed a reputation for superb workmanship, creativity and customer service.

We are continuing this tradition of excellence in our work as our in-house designers create and produce collections for a diverse market of customers worldwide, ranging from 18th and 19th century reproductions to contemporary collections required by the ever changing market needs for new and innovative designs.


We produce an extensive array of high end passementerie (tiebacks, fringes, cords, tassels, braids and much more) in a large range of colourways from traditional and classic designs of past centuries to stylish collections that enhance modern day interior design fabrics.

We also specialize in customized and exclusive collections that we produce for customers worldwide. We welcome customer own-designs that we develop with a no-commitment policy.
All our products are 100% European made in our factory in Valencia.


• Over 60 years expertise in passementerie
• Superb workmanship
• Excellent service
• In-house designers
• Custom-made collections to customer specifications
• Friendly and prompt after-sales service

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